Experienced With Many Solutions To Many Well Issues

By utilizing the equipment and experience we have, Thunder Well Service LLC can offer complete turn-key underground and utility construction solutions to meet your needs. We stand behind that goal by providing the best possible customer service, including evaluations of the job site, and determining the equipment necessary.

Minimal Impact Drilling

Directional drilling causes minimal impact on the surrounding area by using a surface-launched drilling rig. We offer horizontal directional drilling services for:

• Domestic
• Commercial
• Irrigation
• Municipal (Public Supply)

By working closely with you on deadlines and assisting in ongoing field changes, we guarantee that we will meet not only your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Living Water International

Thunder Well Service is supporting Living Water International by providing hope through the development of clean, sustainable water wells in in rural areas. A portion of each well we drill will go towards drilling a well a through Living Water International.

Even though more than 2 billion people have gained access to an improved sanitation facility since 1990, another 2.4 billion people still lack access to improved sanitation—technologies such as flush toilets, piped sewers, or even a ventilated pit latrine. But when they have access, water sources can be kept safe and free of fecal contaminants.
— Living Water International